Baby 7-11 Months

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First trimester do's and don'ts

7-11 Months

Now that you can change nappies with your eyes closed and have mastered the first stage of weaning, discover what’s coming up over the next few months in your baby’s development. From exploring the world on all fours and making those first words, to taking on life as a toddler.

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    10-11 Months

    10 to 11 months is a time for some very special milestones in your baby’s development. First words will soon be heard and first steps taken as their strength and co-ordination improves. All of these changes will require extra fuel and nutrients and mealtimes will give your baby a chance not only to eat, but also to try to feed themselves.


    Your baby will soon begin to understand that when they throw something, it travels across the room. It sounds simple, but they haven’t always held the understanding that their actions have consequences. This article looks at the developments that are occurring both physically and mentally at around 10 months and how games and play – along with lots of encouragement – can help your baby to grow in confidence.

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    7-9 Months

    As your baby’s development speeds up, they’re becoming more aware of the world around them and fascinated by anything and everything. You’ll have probably begun the first stage of weaning; solids are now essential to fuel your baby’s increasing activity levels and give them the vitamins and minerals they need for their rapid development.


    Although they may become more curious, all of these new sights and sounds can sometimes leave your baby feeling a little insecure. Baby-proofing your home will protect your baby (and your valuables) from any accidents, but in this article we also look at how you can encourage and reassure your baby to explore the world around them, safely.

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7-11 Months
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