Baby Breastfeeding Is my baby getting enough milk?

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Is my baby getting enough milk?

How to tell if your baby is getting enough

As a rule, a well-fed baby will let go of your breast and stop feeding when they’ve had enough.

But it’s not always this straight-forward, especially if you and your baby are new to breastfeeding. Some babies naturally pause during a feed as we might during a meal, so it’s always advised that you should give them time to decide whether they’ve had enough.

In time, you will learn how your baby likes to feed, but here are some common signs that a baby is well fed:

  • After most feeds they appear to be content
  • After the first two weeks they begin to gain weight
  • Your nipples and breasts don’t feel too uncomfortable
  • After feeding your breasts feel softer and emptier
  • Your baby is a healthy colour, their skin is firm and bounces back when pinched
  • After the first few days your baby should have around six wet nappies every day

Signs that your baby may need more milk

If your newborn baby isn’t getting enough milk you may notice:

  • They are tired and unsettled all the time and fuss after feeding
  • They do not seem happy and contented
  • During feeding your baby makes clicking sounds, which could mean they’re not latched on properly.
  • After the first week their skin is still wrinkled
  • They don’t have a rounded face after three weeks
  • Your baby’s skin becomes more yellow in colour

If you are worried your baby is not getting enough milk, try feeding them more regularly and holding them close to you at times other than feeding time; this will give them the chance to move towards your breasts as and when they feel hungry.

If your baby is still hungry

Some mums find that their baby is still hungry even when they’re being fed more regularly.

If your baby is approaching 6 months, they may be ready to start weaning. Most babies are not ready to wean until around 6 months and mums are advised not to introduce solids any earlier than 4 months. Read more about what signs to look out for in our weaning section.

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