Signs of Labour

You’ve waited months for this moment! But now you’re heavily pregnant and you probably have lots of odd aches and pains. Understanding what is a sign of early labour and what is not can be confusing. If you think you’re in the early stages of labour, the main thing to do is stay calm and relaxed and let your doctor know so that they can assess what is happening.

The signs you need to look out for

The first stage of labour can last for hours, so the first thing to remember is not to panic when the signs start. Signs you are in early labour may include a combination of the following:

  • “A show” – The plug of mucus that has been sealing your cervix comes away
  • Your water is breaking
  • Contractions
  • A cramping feeling – a bit like period pains
  • Feeling bloated, constipated or a bit of pain in your tummy
  • Diarrhoea or nausea

When should I call my doctor?

As soon as you think you’re in the early stages of labour, get in contact. They’ll want to know the timings of your contractions and any other symptoms. Remember, if your water has broken you should call your doctor straight away. They’ll help advise you on when you should go to the hospital.