How to change a nappy?

Be prepared

There’s nothing like a leaky nappy, or worse, getting weed on, to let you know the importance of changing a nappy quickly and effectively! Make life easier by arming yourself with the necessaries:

  • A nappy of your choice (disposable, terry or cloth nappy).
  • A comfy, wipe-clean changing mat if you’re at home, or something disposable to put under your baby if you’re using a changing table elsewhere.
  • Safety pins or fasteners (for cloth nappies).
  • Some warm water and cotton balls, a clean washcloth or baby wipes.
  • Petroleum jelly (and nappy rash cream if needed).

Changing a disposable nappy

  • Undo your baby’s clothes and pull them up so they don’t get soiled.
  • n-stick the tabs of the nappy and fold them back on themselves (so they don’t stick to your baby!).
  • Keeping the nappy in place, use the front of it to wipe away any poo. If your baby’s a boy, cover his penis with a cloth to keep it clean (and avoid getting weed on!).
  • Take your baby’s ankles in one hand and lift their bottom off the table, then fold the nappy in half underneath them. It’s a good idea to keep it there just in case there is more to come!
  • Take the dirty nappy away and slide a clean one underneath. The back of the nappy goes under your baby’s bum, and the front goes between their legs.
  • Fasten the sticky tabs at the sides.
  • Stick the tabs of the old nappy back together again to keep it closed, and put it in a nappy bag and then in the bin.
  • Dress your baby and wash your hands.