Recognizing Crying

What to do when your baby cries

Some mums and dads worry that if they respond too quickly when their baby cries they’ll spoil them. However, research shows that babies who are responded to quickly actually cry less as toddlers.

Comforting your baby quickly when they cry lets them know you are there for them, and makes them feel secure.

Possible reasons for your baby’s cries

  • They’re hungry
  • They’re too hot or too cold
  • They have colic or wind
  • They need changing
  • They’re in pain
  • They’re bored
  • They’re over-stimulated
  • They want a cuddle

Most of these causes can be solved fairly quickly and easily and once responded to, your baby should soon settle again but if your baby’s crying seems unusual or goes on for too long, speak to your doctor. And of course, you can also chat to us too!