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Pregnancy cravings

Many mums-to-be experience strong cravings for particular foods when pregnant. These craving can often be simply down to your pregnancy hormones, or your body could be prompting you to indulge in something which contains the vitamins or nutrients you’re currently missing. If you’re craving salty olives, for example, it might be that your body wants you to up your sodium intake. Even if you’ve never fancied eating beetroot or lemon slices before, it can be surprising what you crave when pregnant.

Common cravings

  • Sweet, sugary treats
  • Dairy products
  • Salty snacks
  • Sour citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons
  • Hot, spicy foods

Non-food cravings

‘Pica’ is the term used to refer to a craving that’s non-food based, such as coal, ice, earth or chalk. No-one quite knows why you may experience it, but some suggest that it’s due to a lack of iron or calcium in your body. Others believe it’s your body’s way of trying to ease nausea. Either way, pica cravings should never be indulged.

Sticking to a balanced diet

Pregnancy cravings don’t last forever, and as your pregnancy continues you may find they become less intense. Trying to enjoy other foods when all you can think about is cheese and gherkins can be tricky, but try to stick to a range of different foods at mealtimes to ensure your diet remains balanced and fit your cravings in around main meals.

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