Pregnancy 1st Trimester Weeks

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First trimester do's and don'ts

1st Trimester Weeks

Your first trimester is often spent getting used to the idea that you’re expecting a baby and reading up on all the changes that your body is going through and are yet to come. Although it’s still early, adopting good eating habits now will give your baby the best chance of healthy development.


Your baby is growing at a noticeable rate and by 12 weeks you may even be starting to show – but in the meantime this section will explains what’s happening week by week and how you can lay the foundations for a healthy pregnancy.

  • 01
    Your pregnancy-week 6

    If you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant, congratulations! Your baby’s development has already begun. Although they’re still tiny (8mm long) they have a heart which pumps blood and their eyes are forming.

    Read more about your baby’s development, morning sickness and why folic acid is so important at this stage.

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  • 02
    Your pregnancy–week 7

    What started as a collection of cells is becoming more baby-like by the day. Taking care of yourself from the beginning of your pregnancy gives your baby a healthy start – your baby is relying on you for every need. Read on to find out why being extra careful around food, and quitting smoking are highly recommended.

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  • 03
    Your pregnancy-week 8

    It’s quite amazing to think that at only 8 weeks, minor details such as your baby’s eyes and nose and even the buds of their teeth are taking shape. Right now your pregnancy hormones are probably going into overdrive, which can bring on morning sickness and even thrush.

    Read on to learn more about your baby’s growth and discover ways you can ease the symptoms of pregnancy hormones.

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  • 04
    Your pregnancy-week 9

    The control your baby has over their movement is increasing as their muscles form.

    At just 2 months into your pregnancy, now’s a good time to learn about which potentially harmful foods you should avoid. Your baby gets all of their nutrients from you – Another reason for you to stop smoking.

    Read more about your baby and your diet at 9 weeks.

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  • 05
    Your pregnancy-week 10

    It’s not just your baby that’s growing; did you know that your uterus is now the size of a large grapefruit?

    Some women suffer from anaemia during pregnancy, so iron rich foods are essential to both your health and your baby’s development. Luckily, there are plenty of choices-

    Read more about your baby and your diet at 10 weeks.

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  • 06
    Your pregnancy-week 11

    Although many of your baby’s major organs are now in place, they’re still developing and are about to embark on a major growth spurt.

    Their constant development needs vitamins and minerals which they’ll get from either your diet, or pregnancy-safe supplements, if necessary.

    Read more about your baby’s development and why vitamin A is to be avoided.

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  • 07
    Your pregnancy-week 12

    At 12 weeks, hair and even fingernails are beginning to form. Your baby is now around 6cm, which means you’ll soon be starting to show – if you’ve not told your friends and family yet, you may want to start telling them the good news now.

    Read more about how your baby is developing and how your uterus will change to accommodate them as they grow.

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