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Your pregnancy-week 13

At around 8cm your baby is very active; stretching, kicking and turning, although they’re still far too small for you to feel anything. Their kidneys are starting to work by sending urine to the bladder.

Your baby’s head is now about a third of the size of their body and as the weeks progress their proportions become more like that of a newborn baby.

Right now your mammary glands and ducts are developing in time for the birth which can make your breasts feel lumpy. They’ll soon start making a thin yellow liquid called colostrum. This is packed with nutrients and will be the first milk that nourishes your baby after the birth before your regular milk starts to flow.

Your breasts may change dramatically during pregnancy and after the birth. Some doctors recommend switching to non-underwired bras. Although underwired bras haven’t been proven to be harmful, they may restrict the natural changes that your breasts go through and interfere with your developing milk ducts . Remember, the size of your breasts does not affect your ability to breastfeed. Even if your breasts are small, you should still be able to breastfeed if you choose to.

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