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Your pregnancy-week 18

At 18 weeks and measuring roughly 18cm, your baby is growing fast. They are settling into a daily routine and have begun to develop a sleeping habit, their own individual set of unique fingerprints are starting to form and, if you’re expecting a boy, his genitals will become much more distinct and easier to see on a scan.

Dizzy spells are common at this stage. They occur because the volume of your blood increases during pregnancy, which means your heart has to work harder to cope with the extra volume. Your growing uterus may begin to put pressure on some of your blood vessels, which can also leave you feeling faint.

Use your common sense; frequent rest, a healthy diet and remembering to eat little and often throughout the day will help to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Take extra care not to get up too quickly and try to stick to slow-release nutrients such as those found in oats or fruit and vegetables, rather than a simple sugar hit.

If you’re experiencing what feels like butterflies in your stomach, it may well be your baby moving. it usually starts to happen between weeks 16 and 20 of pregnancy – although those little flutters won’t develop into full kicks until your baby is much bigger.

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