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My toddler is refusing milk

Your growing toddler may be eating three meals a day, but their milk is still important as it provides them with a lot of nutrients.

Giving them three dairy servings a day (120ml milk counts as one serving) divided into milk drinks, cereal, cooking and other dairy products will ensure they get many of the nutrients that are essential for keeping them healthy.

Getting milk into your toddler’s diet

Many toddlers go through a fussy-eating phase, especially when it comes to milk. Try these tips to encourage your toddler to enjoy more milk:

Start their day with a milky bowl of muesli or porridge Include warm milk in their bedtime routine; sit together and let your toddler enjoy their milk while you wind down with a cup of tea.

A new beaker or an exciting cup that’s used especially for milk will make it seem like more of a treat. If your toddler usually has cold milk, try warming it up or vice versa.

More than just milk

Aptajunior Growing Up milk is nutritionally superior to cows’ milk, and is suitable for toddlers aged from 1-3 years. It contains our unique blend of GOS/FOS prebiotics. Just 300ml will provide your toddler with more than half of the iron they need each day, plus vitamins D and C which are essential for your toddler’s healthy development.

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