HLOOKUP work. Pursuit of an appreciate through the greatest strip of a table or a range of prices, and return an appreciate in the same line from a row we identify within the counter or variety.

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HLOOKUP work. Pursuit of an appreciate through the greatest strip of a table or a range of prices, and return an appreciate in the same line from a row we identify within the counter or variety.

HLOOKUP work. Pursuit of an appreciate through the greatest strip of a table or a range of prices, and return an appreciate in the same line from a row we identify within the counter or variety.

Rule: use this XLOOKUP work, a better version of HLOOKUP that works well in just about any route and yield exact games automagically, making it simpler plus simple to use than its predecessor.

This informative article explains the technique syntax and by using the HLOOKUP features in Microsoft shine.


Utilize HLOOKUP when your evaluation beliefs live consecutively within the top of a desk of data, and you also wanna look-down a specified amount of rows. Usage VLOOKUP as soon as your contrast ideals are situated in a column on the left from the info you should come.

The H in HLOOKUP stands for “Horizontal.”


HLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, row_index_num, [range_lookup])

The HLOOKUP features syntax comes with the correct justifications:

Lookup_value need. The worth to be found in the first line of this dining table. Lookup_value can be a value, a reference, or a text string.

Table_array involved. a stand of real information by which data is appeared up. Need a reference to a range or an assortment label.

The beliefs in the first row of table_array is generally content, amounts, or logical standards.

If range_lookup is TRUE, the prices in the first row of table_array should be positioned in rising arrange: . -2, -1, 0, 1, 2. , A-Z, FAKE, AUTHENTIC; usually, HLOOKUP may not allow the proper value. If range_lookup try FAKE, table_array doesn’t need to be sorted.

Uppercase and lowercase copy happen to be equivalent.

Sort out the ideals in ascending order, handled by suitable. Examine, find out form data in a range or counter.

Row_index_num forced. The line quantity in table_array where the similar importance will likely be returned. A row_index_num of 1 comes back the best row value in table_array, a row_index_num of 2 comes back the next strip appreciate in table_array, etc. If row_index_num is less than 1, HLOOKUP return the #VALUE! error price; if row_index_num is definitely beyond the number of lines on table_array, HLOOKUP returns the #REF! error worth.

Range_lookup Optional. a rational advantages that determine whether you prefer HLOOKUP to locate the precise fit or an approximate match. If ACCURATE or neglected, an approximate accommodate is actually returned. Simply put, if a detailed fit is certainly not found, yet another premier importance that is definitely significantly less than lookup_value is actually came home. If FALSE, HLOOKUP will discover a precise fit. If an individual isn’t found, the mistakes advantages #N/A happens to be came back.


If HLOOKUP aren’t able to find lookup_value, and range_lookup is TRUE, it makes use of the most important importance that will be under lookup_value.

If lookup_value happens to be small compared to the smallest value in the first strip of table_array, HLOOKUP return the #N/A mistake worth.

If range_lookup is definitely FAKE and lookup_value is text, you should use the wildcard characters, question mark (?) and asterisk (*), in lookup_value. A concern mark suits any solitary dynamics; an asterisk complements any series of characters. Should you wish to line up an authentic question-mark or asterisk, means a tilde (

) ahead of the personality.


Duplicate the instance info from inside the following table, and paste it in mobile A1 of a new shine worksheet. For solutions showing outcomes, locate all of them, hit F2, then press Join. If you wish to, you can actually readjust the line widths observe all reports.

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