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Your pregnancy-week 30

At 30 weeks your baby measures roughly 40cm long and weighs around 2lb 8oz. Although they’re spending 80% of their time asleep and dreaming, when they’re awake they’re turning regularly and can be in either the head down or breech position. At 32 weeks around three out of four babies will have turned to the head-down position that’s considered ‘ready’ for labour, with the remaining quarter catching up soon – only 3-4% of babies are born breech (feet or bottom first).

During the final few weeks your baby’s brain development accelerates; nerve fibres grow rapidly to allow brain impulses to travel faster and to help your baby learn more quickly when they enter the outside world.

Urinary infections can be common during the latter part of your pregnancy – especially cystitis which feels like a burning sensation when you urinate. Drinking cranberry juice is a simple and effective remedy that many women swear by. Drinking plenty of water and going to the toilet as often as you feel the need to, rather than waiting until you are desperate, will also help to flush out any infection. If you’re worried, speak to your doctor.

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