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Your pregnancy-week 33

At 33 weeks your baby weighs around 4lb 2oz and measures roughly 44cm long. Their immune system is getting stronger by the day and their skin is now much thicker and less wrinkled.

There’s no doubt that being heavily pregnant can be extremely tiring. You’re not only carrying the extra weight around, but your body is working to supply your baby with energy and nutrients. You’re bound to need a lot of energy.

But with your baby taking up most of the space your stomach used to have, you may find that your appetite has reduced. If you don’t feel like eating large portions, try to graze on healthy snacks throughout the day and either side of your meals – this will ensure your baby and you are receiving a steady supply of energy.

Try these healthy, energy-filled snacks:

  • Dip pieces of fruit into yogurt
  • Add yogurt to a bowl of mixed fruit and cereal
  • Dip pitta bread in hummus or salsa
  • Take fresh fruit with you, or carry dried fruits in your handbag to snack on while you’re out and about.

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