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Your pregnancy-week 34

With only six or so weeks left before labour, your growing baby is roughly 4lb 6oz in weight and 45cm long. They’re now carrying a good layer of fat beneath their thicker skin that is essential for insulation and nourishment. They’re still receiving the antibodies which give them immunity from disease from you in preparation for life outside the womb.

Your baby’s eyes are still blue. All babies are born with blue eyes; the iris needs to be exposed to the light outside of the womb for several weeks before the colouring process (called pigmentation) is complete. A few weeks after birth they’ll either stay blue or change colour.

Cramps, joint pain, heartburn and a weak bladder can make it difficult to sleep at this stage. Lying on your left side will release the pressure your baby may be putting on the main vein which circulates blood through our body, thus improving your circulation, digestion, kidney and liver function. Sleeping on your back can result in palpitations and even low blood pressure. Many mums sleep with extra pillows positioned between slightly bent knees, under the bump and behind the back for support. Try not to drink just before bedtime and remember to empty your bladder fully before you go to sleep.

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