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Your pregnancy-week 36

Although at this late stage in your pregnancy your baby weighs around 6lb they’re growing plumper by the day and could be gaining as much as 5oz a week. And at roughly 47cm in length, there’s not much room for movement.

It’s around this time that your baby will start to move deeper into your pelvis ready for birth – this is known as ‘engagement’ or ‘lightening’ because it should give you a little relief from the heavy feeling of pressure under your ribs. If your baby hasn’t already done so, they’ll also move into position with their head pointing downwards – or become ‘engaged’.

Frequent toilet trips will be unavoidable at this stage as your womb presses against your bladder. Although it’s tempting to drink less, so you don’t have to go so often, it’s important to stay well hydrated. Reducing the amount you drink before bedtime will mean fewer trips during the night – just remember to make up for it during the day. And always empty your bladder before bed.

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