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Your pregnancy-week 37

At 37 weeks, the weight of an average baby is 6lbs and if your baby was to be born right now they would be developed enough to be considered full-term. Measuring roughly 49cm, they can open and close their eyes – in fact, they even have eyelashes. With little room left to move in there, you may feel them squirming rather than kicking.

‘Nesting’ is the term used to describe the urge to prepare your home for your baby’s arrival. Not all mums feel it but if you do, whether you’re cleaning, getting those little DIY jobs out of the way or simply buying some new bedding, remember to take it easy and not over-exert yourself. Steer clear of paint fumes, heavy lifting and climbing ladders – your balance will be a little off during pregnancy.

If you’re feeling tired and overheated at the moment, it’s because your body is working harder to nurture your baby and support their extra weight – the more blood that your body circulates to both of you, the more calories needed and the warmer you become.

If you’re too hot, why not try some of these ideas to cool you down:

  • Keep a gel mask in the fridge for those times when you’re resting
  • Put your hands and wrists under cold running water to cool your blood down
  • A cooling spray, mini-fan or water spritzer stashed in your handbag will refresh you when you’re out and about
  • Drink lots of water – it’ll keep you cool and rehydrate the fluids you’ve lost through sweating.

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