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Your pregnancy-week 39

With only a week or so to go until your due date, your baby is now roughly 50-51cm long and gaining around 1oz a day in weight. If this is your first baby, by now it’s likely that their head will have dropped into your pelvis – if not yet, it will do soon. The bones in their skull are not yet joined, which means they can slide over each other and overlap during birth as their head passes through your cervix. Your baby is now starting to shed the vernix caseosa – the greasy, white substance which has kept their skin protected inside your womb.

Lots of mums feel tired, uncomfortable and impatient at this stage. If you can, try to use this time to rest – even if it’s late, your labour will happen when your baby’s ready and when it does, it may be long and tiring. The more rested you are now, the more energy you’ll have for labour and the first few weeks with your new baby.

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