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Your pregnancy-week 40

The development your baby has gone through over the past 9 months is astonishing. He or she has grown from one single cell to a whole baby human being made up of over 200 million cells. By the time your baby is born, they’ll weigh, on average, around 7lb 7oz and measure 51cm.

With very little room left to move, both you and your baby are no doubt ready for labour. Once your baby’s born, you’ll find sleeping and breathing much more comfortable.

When you’re waiting for your baby to arrive, you’re bound to wonder whether even the smallest twinge or rumbling in your tummy is the onset of labour. A classic sign to look out for is a ‘show’ of mucus and, of course, contractions that form a regular pattern.

And remember when you log on again after the birth, let us know your baby’s date of birth to ensure we give you the most accurate information tailored to your baby’s stage from then on.

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