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First trimester do's and don'ts

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As your baby’s first birthday approaches, they’re on their way to taking their first wobbly steps into toddlerhood. They’re learning at an incredible rate, as shuffling develops into walking and their usual baby talk becomes more recognisable as words.

While they’re learning to stand on their own two feet and discovering how to assert their independence, you’ll have many new challenges to face too.

The articles in this section include helpful advice about stimulating your toddler’s development, understanding and coping with toddler tantrums, and keeping your toddler healthy as they grow.

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    Avoiding coughs and colds

    New people mean new germs, so as your toddler ventures out to nursery or playgroup, it’s common for them to pick up bugs. Whilst the occasional cough or cold is necessary for your toddler’s immune system to develop, it’s certainly no fun for your poorly toddler, or you.

    From cleaning toys to simply washing hands more often, this article looks at the little things you can do to minimise your toddler’s exposure to too many germs.

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Toddler Health
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